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Michał Marusik

Michał Marusik


22 years in
industrial design

18 years on
Point of Purchase Market

own projects

48 awards
and honors



The owner of a Goldray brand is a Goldhouse design studio.Our area of expertise is to design, produce and fix marketing communication solutions in Point of Sale / Point of Purchase.

LED Goldray displays were created based on our experience and the needs of our Clients. While working for many brands, many of them being Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), we are observing that the most important factor is the visibility in the Point of Purchase. The visibility in the Point of Purchase, followed up with the visibility through the lightning are the key factors in our Clients’ marketing briefs, aiming to stand out in the crowd.

To cover our Clients’ needs we have developed the system of lightened up LED Goldray displays. Our frameless LED ad displays are ultralight and easy fix, with a single-move graphics exchange. We have secured the full use of the advertising display, ultra weight, visible and lightened up content. Our solution is patent protected in Poland and European Union.